The Most Incredible Shots in the History of Golf


Golf is a sport rich with incredible moments. And while which of these moments rank as the very best in the history of golf is a subjective thing, I think pretty much everyone can agree that these five shots below rank as some of the most exciting, clutch, and unbelievable shots in the history of the game.

Tiger Woods makes an incredible chip at the 2005 Masters. This incredible birdie was a virtually impossible shot—and from the crowd and announcer’s reactions, you can tell there was no way they expected this to go in! Tiger would go on to win the Masters this year after a playoff.

Vijay Singh skips his way to a hole-in-one. This shot happened during a practice round, but it might just be the craziest shot anyone has ever made. Vinjay Singh skips his golf ball across the water at hole 16 at Augusta National, and believe it or not, it goes in!

Bill Haas shoots from the water. On hole 17 of the 2011 PGA Tour Championship, Bill Haas found himself facing an incredibly difficult lie. Instead of taking a penalty, he decided to hit the shot—and the result is pretty amazing.

Jonathan Byrd’s walk-off hole-in-one. There’s only one thing better than winning a PGA Tour event with a great shot during a playoff—and that’s winning a PGA Tour event playoff with a hole-in-one. Jonathan Byrd did just that in 2010, and he made it look pretty easy.

Sergio Garcia hits a shot out of a tree. For one, there are probably a lot of PGA Tour players that couldn’t even climb a tree. Not only does Sergio climb a tree and hit a shot while the ball is resting some 15 feet in the air, he actually hits it pretty well—and he does it backwards, with one hand. Bravo, Sergio.

There are tons of other contenders for the title of “most incredible golf shot of all time,” but these five have got to be in the running!


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