The Best Golf Gadgets for 2015


As long as there has been golf, there have been golf gadgets. These gadgets have been used for everything: improving your swing, finding a lost ball, practicing indoors, and helping to develop your footwork, just to name of few. Of course, some of these gadgets work better than others.

These five gadgets are some of the most interesting—and useful—for golfers in 2015:

Garmin Approach S6: The Garmin Approach S6 is the latest model in Garmin’s acclaimed Approach series, a watch designed specifically for golfers. The S6 boasts many useful features, including tracking your swing metrics (tempo and strength), a pin pointer tool for blind shots, and even a dedicated CourseView button that maps out every hole at 38,000 different international courses. Pretty impressive if you ask us!

SwingTIP: The SwingTIP is a golf swing analysis tool that transmits data directly to your smart device. It is a small unit that attaches near the grip of whatever club you choose, and it provides audio and video recording so you can analyze your swings by yourself or with a coach. SwingTIP also works with the MobiCoach iPad app, which connects you to a live coaching session.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer: Another swing analyzer, the Zepp Golf 3D model is unique in that it attaches to the top of your golf glove—not the club itself. This allows the device to provide a detailed 3D analysis of your swing, and then to transmit this data to your smart phone. It also helps you set swing goals and track improvements.

SKLZ Gold Flex Gold Strength and Tempo Trainer: The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer is one of the best ways you can help improve your swing strength and speed. It is basically a golf club shaft with extreme flexibility and with a weight on the end that helps keep your hands and arms extended during your swing, therefore increasing power. It’s the perfect tool to help the big dog eat!

Adams DiXX BLU Digital Mallet Putter: Is your putting game struggling? Then look no further than the Adams DiXX BLU putter which provides golfers with a digital readout—directly on a screen attached to the head of the putter—that gives a statistical analysis of each putt. It tracks metrics including swing path, face angle, tempo, and speed.

Even though these gadgets are pretty cool, just keep in mind that there’s no replacement for deliberate, dedicated practice!

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