Most golfers prefer playing to raking leaves.


People automatically assume that summer is the favorite time of golfers. However, if pressed, many golfers will tell you that now is the time to play.

Fall golf is beautiful. The weather tends to be a little sunnier, less humid, and the colors are amazing. The blue sky against the orange and yellow leaves and all combined with the brilliant green backdrop of the golf course itself.

Other reasons to get out and enjoy Fall golf are many. First of all, you’re finally starting to play better. With a shortened golf season in many parts of the country Fall may be when you’ve finally hit enough balls to get a repetitive and consistent swing. Another great reason to keep playing are the milder temperatures. It’s finally a chance to dress like the tour guys on television.

So get out and play. The courses are beautiful this time of year. Or travel and play somewhere new and gorgeous. There are several courses throughout the country known for their breathtaking views during the Fall. Or ask around where you live and see if you’re missing any hidden gems nearby.

Keep in mind though that just because the season is ending, your pursuit of playing good golf and lowers scores isn’t. Take along your copy of Golf With A Purpose and enjoy the views, but keep on track with improving your golf.


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