Your best golf game: How accurate is your drive?

goldwithpurpose.ironsThe experts say it’s not important how far you hit your clubs, but to hit them the same distance each time. In that case it would probably be good to know what distance one actually hits each club so, when it’s hit well, it goes somewhere near the flag.



With lots of hard work and dedication, someday you may have your irons dialed in like me:

PW – 120 yds (It went that far once so I have to play it for 120 yds.)

9-Iron – 130yds (As long as it’s down hill, down wind, and off a tee.)

8-iron – 140 yds (My friend Jim hits his 140 yds, and I am not going to hit more

club than him)

7-Iron – 150 yds (Always called it my “150 yd club” (When my son doesn’t

do what he’s supposed to do, I don’t change his name.)

6-Iron – 160 yds (I have to hit a “trap draw” that won’t stay on the green, but

this is my 160 yd club)

5-Iron – 170 yds (Like my buddy Lou says, I know I can hit it that far — I just

never have.)

4-Iron – 180 yds (The salesman at the golf shop said I should hit it that far.)

3-Iron – 190 yds (Yeah, right! It’s in the garage, and still has the cellophane on

the grip.)


With pinpoint accuracy like this, it’s surprising my GIR (Greens in Regulation) isn’t better..


Come to think of it, the Golf With A Purpose system could really help my game. While I am playing or just after the round, I can record how far I actually hit a club into a green (ie: short five yards or long four yards, etc.). Over time I should be able to zero in on what my actual distances are for each club. With this kind of knowledge, my GIR’s should greatly improve. Then I’ll have to deal with the fact I’m the world’s worst putter — but that’s another post for another time..)


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