How The System Works

Simple. Intuitive. Proven.

Golf With A Purpose is a pocket-sized journal to be used each time you play a round or have a practice session. But it’s more than a book to simply track your stats. It’s a proven system designed to improve your score.

The philosophy behind the Golf With A Purpose system is focused on analyzing every critical component of your game. The system works because it identifies the areas of your game that need the most attention. That means you’ll have a better understanding of what aspects of your game need the most practice.

Identifying weak areas of your golf game becomes easy through the compilation of vital statistics. Golf With A Purpose provides a simple system for calculating percentages with
these statistics so that you’re able to easily recognize what aspects of your game need the most work. And stats don’t lie.

When playing a round, you’ll use the “My Latest Round” pages of Golf With A Purpose. These pages are designed to record statistics including:

Once you’ve recorded your data and calculated percentages, you’ll be able to more effectively plan practice sessions based on your game’s unique needs. And Golf With A Purpose has special pages for recording situational practice results, too. These pages have space to keep track of:

As you record your results, it becomes apparent what you’re doing right—and, more important, what you’re doing wrong.

Whether you’re a PGA pro or a 30 handicap shankapotomus, the Golf With A Purpose system will make you a better, more focused golfer. Just remember: practice makes permanent.