Getting young kids started in golf.


The school year is now in full swing and kids are back in class. As parents, we have a pretty good idea when and how to start our children in school, but when it comes to how to start them in golf it’s a different story.

The key thing to remember about golf is, it’s supposed to be fun. As adults we often forget this because the game has a way of being infuriating, but in our hearts we know it’s about the fun. So, when it comes to getting kids to play, this is key.

Make golf fun for them. It should be a special outing to go to the range or even hitting golf wiffle balls in the yard. If you don’t make it fun they won’t play, period.

Next, teach them something about golf that doesn’t even involve a club. Teach them the etiquette of the game. Have them go to the course with you. Let them help you repair ball marks and fill divots. Let them help you keep track of the number of strokes you take and keep the score. This will keep you honest and they’ll love holding you accountable. Even teach them to stand still and remain quiet when you’re hitting. You can teach the honor and tradition of this game too soon.

Now you need to look for a place to play. Search out family-friendly golf courses preferably with designated family tees. Find a tolerant shorter course. One that even encourages walking.

Finally, find a good qualified golf instructor. He or she should be a PGA teaching professional. There are many out there that focus on teaching younger children. Do your homework so that your kid will want to do theirs when it comes to practicing and playing.

By following some basic steps the game will be fun and the opportunity to practice and play will be exciting. They can improve by tracking their own games or you can help them practice with a purpose. Pick up a copy of Golf With A Purpose. It’s an easy way to know exactly what to work on. For more details on some of the above tips go to

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