Don’t make golf a slow poke.


Let’s talk about an issue that doesn’t appear to be going away – slow play. You just said, under your breath, “No kidding, preach it.” But hold on. Are you part of the problem? We now leave this paragraph with you shaking your head and you gasping “No way!”

Welcome to the second paragraph. Here’s where I ask for a little personal reflection. Think about the last round you played. Ask the following: Did I wait for someone to find a lost ball before I played my next shot? Did I spend extra time looking for my lost ball just because it was a Pro V? Did I use my cell phone on the golf course? Did I line up a putt for triple bogey or worse?

So how’d you do? Before you blurt, “No problem,” please revisit the Pro V and cell phone questions. And maybe you did ace those questions, but there are at least 50 more reasons why we play slow. I think you get what I’m driving at. Speed it up. Rounds shouldn’t take more than four hours.

Here are simple tips to help speed things up:

1)   Be ready to hit. Take your practice swings before it’s your turn to hit. That way you can step up to the ball ready-to-go.

2)   Leave the phone in the car.

3)   If driving a cart, don’t drive to your partner’s ball and wait for them to hit. Drop them off and go get ready to play your shot.

4)   A little like #1, but read your putt before it’s your turn to putt.

5)   Use the travel time in your cart to calculate your scores. Don’t stand on the green and reflect back on every shot.

But it’s not just you. Even the tour players should play faster. Some have questioned if there should be a shot clock for golf: Maybe that would be too far, but at the amateur-level it’s time we took less time.



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