Cheating: Now that’s a tough subject.


Do you cheat? I can already hear the gasps. Cheat? Did he say cheat? Of course not, golf is a gentleman’s game.

Most people don’t cheat, intentionally that is. This is true for all golfers, but this topic is currently getting added attention after golf television analyst Brandel Chamblee’s comments on Tiger Woods. But if we all stop and bare our souls for a minute, it may help clear our consciences.

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t cheat on your score. You count all your strokes. Shoot, you even try to carry only 14 clubs unless you have a demo from the pro shop in your bag. But let’s be honest, golf has plenty of rules.

Ever see your ball move then glance up to see if anyone else noticed? How about finding your ball between hazard stakes and quickly stating “I’m in!” when in actuality, and without measurement, quite possibly out of bounds? Now time to really bare all. Your ball is just sitting down a little too much for your comfort. Do you give it a nudge? A little prop up?

You may not even consider some of these things cheating. However, if you ever play for a little money I can assure you your opponents do. Get a true measure. Play according to the rules. This structure may actually give you the focus to help lower your scores. Certainly Golf With A Purpose can help do that too. Hit ‘em straight.


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