About The Author

Dave Strietelmeier

dave-strietelmeier-1-update2Dave Strietelmeier has been playing golf as an amateur for 25 years—all in an attempt to find his perfect swing and reach his maximum potential. And while he has yet to find either, he’s been steadily taking strokes off his handicap since creating the Golf With A Purpose system.

Golf With A Purpose was born out of Dave’s desire to become a better golfer. And Dave realized long ago that the only way to do this was through deliberate practice. The only problem was, Dave couldn’t find a system that helped him recognize and quantify the strengths and weaknesses in his game. So Dave created his own system–Golf With A Purpose–to help him take a more analytical, targeted approach toward his practice sessions and rounds.

Dave is an Indiana native, and graduated from Southport High School and the University of Indianapolis. After finishing college, Dave spent 10 years as a high school educator and basketball coach before transitioning into the business world, establishing a career in sales and sales management. His life experiences have taught him the importance of compartmentalizing focus and analyzing strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize results.

When Dave isn’t on the links at the Legends Golf Club in Franklin, IN, you can probably find him spending time with his wife, two daughters, two sons-in-law, and three wonderful grandsons. And when he’s not busy being a family man, there’s a good chance he’s watching Butler University basketball or Cincinnati Reds baseball.